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Herbal stimulants provide a short-term boost in energy, to allow you to get through a long day, perform in the bedroom, enjoy a long night out, dance until morning, study for a test or meet a stressful deadline. They are not a good way to maintain energy levels on a long-term basis and for this a more holistic look at general health is necessary to find out why you are lacking in energy.

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Herbal stimulants can be used to boost both mental and physical performance without the need for manufactured chemicals.

The most commonly used energy boosters are herbs that contain either caffeine or ephedrine. Caffeine is taken as a stimulant most of the population. An average cup of coffee contains up to 150mg of caffeine. Tea also contains caffeine. Caffeinated cola drinks contain up to 40mg of caffeine per can, and some energy drinks contain far more. Guarana or Gotu Kola are also herbal stimulants. These herbs owe their action to caffeine. An herbal stimulant that contains caffeine is safe for most people to take as long as it is not taken in excess.

Ma Huang or ephedra is becoming popular as a weight loss aid and herbal stimulant. It owes its properties to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, active ingredients commonly used in western medicine. Ephedra acts as both an energizer and an appetite suppressant or relaxant. Some products contain both ephedra and caffeine and these can be especially powerful as stimulants.

Some other herbs are used to boost mental performance. The most popular of these is Ginkgo Biloba, which has been shown to improve memory and learning in controlled trials. Ginseng is both a physical and mental stimulant, which is why it is so highly regarded in Chinese herbal medicine.

Pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, heart patients and people with gastric ulcers should avoid it.

Party on – for a good night out, when you want to socialize and dance all night long, keep up with the buzz and euphoria of the party.

Specially designed with a proprietary blend of energetically blended ingredients, this herbal supplement contains the primary ingredients essential for keeping you balanced so you can socialize and dance all night long as you want.

Our energy pills are for those who want a legal way to experience a natural lift to their world. Now there is an herbal alternative and our quality range provides a viable option when you are looking to have a good time.

The types of products available now are a good step up in both quality and performance when compared with those on the market a few years back. Our website carries products but from the top of their range. They are all of the best quality, but that said it still pays to find the ideal choice to match the experience you want, so try a range of options until you settle on the one you best like.

Take them as directed and you will be without any of those bad side effects that can come your way when using any of the many illegal option available. And while you can also take alcohol with mood enhancers or Relaxants it’s not that recommended – it can leave you feeling groggy – something more linked to the use of the alcohol than the herbal pills.

So browse through our range and match the experience you want with the range we offer.

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